Barcode System

Barcode System

Barcodes are used in libraries to label books, magazines, CD & DVDs. Each and every book and other items are assigned unique 12- digit barcodes. It contains all information about the product. In Library Management system, whenever a student return or issue a book the system fetch the bar code number and we can make entry of book in computer systematically. Library Management system helps in systematic management of books.


Features of Barcode System

All Businesses

Especially distribution businesses, face the high costs of errors. Regardless of industry, barcoding significantly improves business operations and customer satisfaction.


A Barcode system improves accuracy and enables processes to be implemented that reduce human errors and improve inventory management discipline.

Speed Up

Scanning barcodes is considerably quicker and easier than documenting so writing info.

Cost Savings

Accuracy enhancements & time savings, additionally to the reduction of fixing pricey mistakes, can result in considerable cost savings across an organization.

Operational Efficiency

Operational bottlenecks and productivity problems will additional simply be known and remedied victimisation bar coding in work flow management.

Customer Service

Accurate inventory and stock levels reduce out of stocks, up client satisfaction within the method and reducing time spent on resolution client issues.


Rapid, correct knowledge assortment allows access to period business intelligence across all areas of your company.