Features of Library Management Software

Features of Library Management Software

Library management software available in the market. It is a complete automated library management system that supports full cataloguing, circulation and acquisitions system for library stock management. It also provides the facility to generate customized report for library items, library inventory and library fine collection. So, it can be said that LMS is a modern and integrated solution to the traditional way of running a library.

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Complete Automated Library Management System

This Library software provides you the facility to import student & staff data from ms-excel sheet and also can be entered manually. You also can upload the picture of the student as well as can be clicked the photo by using web camera.

Books entry is very fast in this Library Management Software. As we all know the library purchases bulk number of same books, therefore this software provides facility to enter the books data in bulk on a single click.

The most important part of any library is circulation of the books. This Library Automation Software provides the great flexibility in circulation of the books. You can loan the books to the members of the library by using barcode reader/manually. You can also check the status of the issued books for the particular member of the library, books can be deposited, lost-books entry (same book or percentage price of the book). You can also issue No Dues to any member of the library using this Library software.

This Library Automation Software is integrated with barcode reader which scans the barcodes of the books as well as students library cards which makes circulation of the books easy and fast. The annual verification of the books also performed through barcode scanner in a very fast speed and accurately.

Every library also maintains the periodicals receivable entry for the reference. In this software you can manage the periodicals entry like Magazine, New Papers, News Letters, Journals, Bulletins etc. which received in different frequency like daily, weekly, fort-nightly, monthly, half-yearly.

Member of the library needs to search the specific book(s) like title-wise, author-wise, publication-wise, subject-wise etc. can be performed in the easiest way using this library automation software and a fast way. You can also search from the list of the books by typing on the particular column from the books data. You can filter the searching by available books, issued books, lost books, write-off books in a very easy way.

This Library Management Software supports custom date format i.e. you can set the date format of your country and also it sets the time-zone of your own country. The software also provide you a feature of multi-currency settings through which you can add different currency into the software; If the books purchased in the library are from different country in other currency.

There are different kinds of reports provided by this software like print barcode of the books, student library cards, loaned books report, member-wise dues, issue reports filtered by date of issued, books deposit reports, books list etc. Further if any client needs more customize reports then I will provide accordingly as per their need.

The Library Automation Software provides user management through which the Administrator can authorize any user to allot access rights for particular available options in the software.

The data is most important for any software. Database may crashes for some reasons like viruses or accidentally. This software provides you an easy way to take back-up periodically.