How Many Types of Library Management Software?

Top Library Management Software in India

Library software is software designed to meet the requirement of a library. Library Management System various functions are performed like acquisition, cataloging, circulation, serial control, and others. It is also known as Digital Library Software which manages the digital resources of the library.


Top Library Management Software in India

RFID System

It is an electromagnetic based technology, where RFID tag, antenna, reader, scanner is used to identify a book. RFID System is a technology-based identification system; it is based on Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), which helps in identifying objects through the tags attached to them, without requiring any light of sight between the tags and the tag reader. We require only radio communication between the tag and the reader to identify each other.

Library Automation Software

It is an OPAC based system used for searching. It is used for searching online library data. It promotes a resource-sharing program and bibliographic search can be done by the author, title and number. It is an advanced feature of the library management system.

These are the factors on which a library management system is based upon. Spears library management system ( consists of various technologies, They are top library management software in india- like Bar code system, RFID based library management system, library automation system, digital library, etc.

Bar Code System

In this system, a 14 digit unique code is assigned to all the library items to locate the items easily. Bar Code System is an identification tool that provides accurate and timely support of data by identifying the bar pattern, represent in digits and letters.

Digital Library Software

It is an online database of digital objects. Digital Library Management System stores every information electronically and in an organized and systematic way which leads to effective results.

These are the types of library software used in the Spears library management system, which makes it the best library management software to use in libraries.

Functions of Library Management Software

There are many types of library software depending upon their functionality.

Based on Function Performed

  • Database Creation - a database is created depending upon the items available in the library like books, journals, magazines, etc.
  • Library Housekeeping – the basic housekeeping function in a library involves cataloging, circulation, serial control, etc.
  • Institutional Repository Software Packages – they help in managing and capturing intellectual assets as part of the information strategy. It also provides links to other repositories.

Source Code

  • Proprietary Software – are those software that are owned by a company and cannot be used without license.
  • Open-source Software Package – are those software whose source code is available for changes. They are developed as public collaboration.
Cost Factor
  • Completely Commercial – It is a complete commercial software. It is purchased by schools, universities, colleges and many others to modernize their library.
  • In-house Developed – In this process, we use internal company resources to make software.
  • Shareware – Many companies provide a demo to the clients to understand its usage and advantages.
  • Open Source Software – In this source, the authors make the code available to the users.