What is digital library software

What is Digital Library Software

Digital library software is a software helps in digitally organizing library items like books, journals, catalog, etc. It provides easy and affordable access to the library. The purpose of the digital library is to underpin learning and acquisition of knowledge, to provide a solid base for education and enhance quality of life.

The features of digital library software are:

  • It provides speedy and wide access to information
  • It saves time
  • It works as an anti-theft
  • Systematic order of books
  • Generate reports
  • Easily accessible
  • Information can be retrieved
  • The database is maintained by all users

Digital Library Software

Digital library software is based upon two types of technology; bar code system and RFID system. The bar code system is based upon bar-coding and RFID is based upon the RFID tags and RFID scanner.

As we all know that it has reduced the workload of the librarian by systematically organizing the database and library items in digital form. But they require abreast of themselves with the technology used in the library management system. In the absence, of knowledge, they will face many technical problems like updating the database, generate records, etc.

The digital library system works upon LAN networking. Without a local area network, the digital library system won’t work and generate results. Networking involves sharing of computers and linking them to communication channels. In networking computers play an important part of digital system.


They help in the following ways :

  • Capacity to handle any amount of data
  • Flexibility in information search
  • Speedy processing
  • Provide better bibliographic control
  • Overcome geographical and other barriers
  • Standardization of library procedures

In Library Management System the network is also called the tree structure in which each segment is sub-divided into other nodes. The storage efficiency of network structure are commonly used with mainframe and minicomputer systems.

The digital library software is taking a boom with the advancement of technology. It has become necessary for schools, universities, institutes etc. to meet the current need of the modern library. Modern libraries help in enhancing the skills of the students as they can explore more books with the availability of online records and save their time in searching for a book.

The benefits of the digital library software:

  • It provides multilingual and multi-user support
  • We can export and import records
  • Stock management can be done easily
  • It is a web-based OPAC system
  • One can print barcodes
  • Easy to maintain a database of library items
  • It is user-friendly software
  • Back-up support
  • Increase productivity

Digital library is an advance interactive tool for active learners. Learners prefer the digital environment and can explore more library items than the items available in traditional libraries.

A Digital library can be customized according to the school requirements. Some of the schools don’t require all the features of library management system, so the software is customize according to the school needs.