Why Library Management System

Why library management system is important?

Library Management System is a fast-growing system used in schools, colleges, universities, and many more places. Library Software has changed the look of the library in a great way. The traditional libraries were bounded with limited features.


Various Functions of Library Management System

The best Library Management System is based on various functions that make it best

  • Acquisition Management
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Catalog Management
  • Circulation management
  • Fee collection
  • Periodicals management
  • Serial management
  • Search functions
  • OPAC
  • Patron management
  • Reserve Shelf management

The demand for Library Management System is increasing day by day due to the use of advanced technology. RFID based Library Management System is more popular nowadays. The other reason for its increased demand is its key features.

  • Books Management
  • Inquiry record
  • Fee management
  • Student record
  • Database management
  • Reduces theft
  • Self-issue & return

It is important to look for all the key features in order to have the best library system, which will not only reduce the burden of a librarian but convert a traditional library into a modern library. Spears Library Management System is one of the best library software which has all the key features of the software.


Advance Library Software is based on RFID technology

Advance Library Software is based on RFID technology. We hereby explain the process of RFID technology which will help in a better understanding of technology.

  • (1) Whenever a book acquired by the library, an RFID tag is attached to the book with all the relevant information.
  • (2) The same information is saved on the computer to create a database.
  • (3) Each student is given a smart card for the issue and return of books.
  • (4) Student can issue a book on his own, by using the smart card and database on the system. Then he can place the books he wants to issue in front of the RFID scanner.
  • (5) The computer will record all the data.
  • (6) And whenever he wants to return it, he can drop the books in the drop counter, which will automatically record the return of books.
  • (7) A student can search any database of the library by using the system. This will help in easy searching.

RFID system is based on three basic components

  • An Antenna – antennas are available in different shapes and sizes. It is attached with a transceiver and decoder to become a reader.
  • RFID Tags – It is comprised of a microchip that contains all the information. There are three types of tags used in library management software; read-only, write-only and read-write tags. These tags are used depending upon the range of the antenna.
  • Transceiver – It is also known as an RF module. The RF transceiver controls and modulates the radio frequencies of the system.